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Sketchy Chics are sassy & relatable with an insatiable appetite for wine, cupcakes, wine, chocolate, wine & anything blingy. They are graceful (in a clumsy way), enjoy singing & dancing (horribly) and practice positivity (my wine glass is half full!). Whether you’re having a horrible hair day or you’re in stirrups at the ob/gyn, they are there when you need a laugh. Also? If you find your tongue stuck in a wine bottle, or your muffin top turns into a pound cake after lunch, that’s ok too! Sketchy Chics support you. Like a best friend. Or a really great bra.


The Sketchy Chics products are now available! Look for them at a retailer near you or purchase online HERE

Sketchy Chics can also be found here:

* Webcomic on

Rose Cooper is the creator of Sketchy Chics as well as an author & illustrator with Random House. Her books are published and translated in over 14 countries. You can check out her illustrations and books at

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